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So... you want to contact me, huh? Well here's the lowdown. If you want to talk art trades, I warn you in advance. I don't do art trades all the time. I'll do the occasional trade with folks but commissions are recommended. If you want to use my characters or my writing for something you have to pass it by me first. Fan art rocks but stuff beyond that needs approval from me first. Now, on with the show.


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Like many people online, I dig it when folks link to me. This is and has always been a Free Link site. What does that mean, you ask? Simple: You can link to me if you wish, no problem.
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No linking deeper than my Homepage though, as that would anger the many gods and squirrels of the Internet! Trust, you get enough squirrels angry at you for deep linking to images and etc., you'll never be able to take shelter under a tree again. o.O

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