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Mmm... Information-y.

Ah yes, the "About Me" page. Every place has one yet few ever update them. I, on the other hand, wish to break that cycle. Up front, you'll get the most basic of basics. Beyond that, you'll find an FAQ section that I will update from time to time when new info/random questions come in. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions you might have about myself, my work or my slightly twisted sense of humor.
With any luck, this page should answer all those nagging questions that tear at your mind like rabid squirrels attacking an innocent person at midnight.

The Basics

  • Who: Erik Kristopher Amill
  • Aliases: ProphetEKA, ProphEKA
  • What: Male
  • DoB: I was born on April, 20th 1982
  • Basic Appearence:
    Dark hair/eyes with glasses. I'm of a generally pale complexion and an average build. I have face fuzz above the upper lip and fuzz below the bottom lip. I may or may not have fuzz wrapping around chin.
    I do have a few trademark items that I'm found with - a ball cap and an unbuttoned coat/short sleeved shirt of some sort. I may or may not have a button filled backpack but I am almost always found with some manner of sketchbook or workbook on me.
  • What do you do:
    I currently spend my time working on my webcomic Biff the Vampire. Aside from that, I make comics (usually with an anthropomorphic cast), write stories and draw pictures. I have working knowledge of HTML and the care and mantaince of computers.
  • How do you spend your Free time:
    Whatever free time I have, I spend it working on other projects. Sad to say, I relax by working.
    I often play video games on one of my many systems, I'll go a round or two of Magic: The Gathering with my friends or pick up some comics and claim it as "Creative Research".=)
  • Happy Thoughts:
    Good folks, good food, good books and good artwork.
    In a complex world, even a tech geek like me can find joy in simplicity.
  • Bad Thoughts:
    I try not to dwell on that aspect too much. When I do, I usually drop a post in the Rant section.

Ask Me Questions

You got questons? I might just have some answers!
Feel free to ask me stuff.

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